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Groundwork BioAg® produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. Using our eco-friendly products, farmers worldwide safeguard their crop yields, improve resistance to stress, and reduce fertilizer requirements.

What is mycorrhiza?

Natural symbiosis between fungi (myco-) and plant roots (-rhiza)

Fungi and plant roots

A love story

400 million years ago, the earliest plant ancestors migrated from sea to soil. Faced with the adaptive pressures of their new environment, they developed symbiotic relationships with helpful fungi. These fungi attached themselves to the plant root systems and extended their reach, enabling mutual access to otherwise unavailable nutrients. Known as mycorrhizae, these root-fungi symbioses comprise the natural networks that form the foundation of fertile, healthy soil.

Today, commercial farmers are feeling the effects of intensive cultivation protocols and climate change on soil health. Mycorrhizal inoculants reunite plants with their original partners in growth, enabling farmers to invest in their yields while protecting their investment through plant stress tolerance and long-term soil fertility.

Rootella® Products

Your Ground, Our Work

Rootella® F

20,800 propagules/g

Rootella® X

167,000 propagules/g

Rootella L

167,000 propagules/ml

Rootella® G

2,500 propagules/g

Rootella® P

2,500 propagules/g

Rootella® T

2,500 propagules/g
Rootella BR for web with badgeArtboard 1

Rootella® BR

20,800 propagules/g
Rootella BR for web with badgeArtboard 2

Rootella® BR ULTRA

167,000 propagules/g


Let your ground work

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