Rootella® T

Rootella T

Rootella® T mycorrhizal inoculant effectively inoculates plants with highly potent endomycorrhizal fungi.

Rootella® T’s unique “tea” bag delivery system makes it easy to prepare the ground for healthy trees and transplants.


  • Trees

Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Rootella® products improves plant nutrient uptake.
Effective mycorrhizal inoculation of plant roots has been proven to:

  • Improve crop yield
  • Reduce fertilizer, compost and irrigation requirements
  • Increase plant durability under stress


Rootella® T is a high concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant for simple and worry-free application in the planting hole.

Simply drop 1-2 grow packs in the ground before planting and give your seedlings the boost they need to establish a strong root system. Rootella® T inoculants deliver high concentrations of three types of beneficial endomycorrhizae:

  • 2,000 propagules of Glomus intraradices per gram ,(56,699 per ounce)
  • 250 propagules of Glomus mosseae per gram (7,087 per ounce)
  • 250 propagules of Glomus clarus per gram (7,087 per ounce)


  • American Regulation NOP (National Organic Program)
  • European Regulation EC 834/2007


Place 1-2 Rootella® T grow packs in planting hole under seedling / sapling immediately prior to transplantation.


Detailed technical specifications, application instructions and safety information can be found in the following documents:

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