Row Crops- Liquid seed treatment, in-furrow

Rootella L

Row Crops- Liquid seed treatment, in-furrow- Rootella L

Rootella® L concentrated liquid seed treatment effectively inoculates plants with vigorous
endomycorrhizal fungi.


Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Rootella® products improves plant nutrient uptake.
Effective mycorrhizal inoculation of plant roots has been proven to:

  • Improve crop yield
  • Reduce fertilizer, compost and irrigation requirements
  • Increase plant durability under stress


Rootella® L mycorrhizal seed treatment boasts extremely high concentrations of endomycorrhizal fungi: at least133,600 viable propagules of Glomus intraradices per ml (3,787,200 per ounce) and 33,400 viable propagules of Glomus mosseae per ml (946,800 propagules per ounce).


Rootella® L is suitable for seed treatment or in-furrow on corn, soybean and most row crops, using a wide range of equipment.
Mix 0.2 fl oz (6 ml) per acre (or 15 ml per hectare) of Rootella® L in agitated mixing tank, immediately prior to application.

This bottle treats approximately 78 acres (31 hectares).


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