Row Crops- Wettable powder seed treatment

Rootella® BR ULTRA

Row Crops- Wettable powder seed treatment- Rootella BR ULTRA

Rootella® BR ULTRA concentrated fine powder mycorrhizal inoculant effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi.


Mycorrhizal inoculation by application of Rootella® products improves plant nutrient uptake.
Effective mycorrhizal inoculation of plant roots has been proven to:

  • Improve crop yield
  • Reduce fertilizer, compost and irrigation requirements
  • Increase plant durability under stress

Rootella® BR ULTRA is only available for sale in Brazil, please contact NovaTero BioAg for more information:


Rootella® BR ULTRA boasts extremely high concentrations of endomycorrhiza: at least 167,000 viable propagules of Rhizophagus intraradices per gram.


Rootella® BR ULTRA is intended for application to row crops (e.g. corn, soybean, wheat) tubers, bulbs, vegetables and fruits.
Rootella® BR ULTRA may be applied as a seed treatment, in-furrow, or in drip irrigation. Mix with water and add to mixing tank immediately prior to treatment. Not to be mixed with incompatible substances (see compatibility toolfor more information) . Flush system before and after product use.

Each 250 gram pouch treats approximately 42 acres (17 hectares).

Application Rate – row crops

  • Seed treatment (in liquid): 0.21 oz/ac (15 g/ha)
  • In-furrow (in drip or spray): 0.29 oz/ac (20 g/ha)

Application Rate – tubers, bulbs, fruits, and vegetables

  • Seed pelleting: 12.7 oz per million seeds (0.36 mg/seed)
  • Drip irrigation: 0.43 oz/ac (30 g/ha)
  • In-furrow (in drip or spray): 0.57 oz/ac (40g/ha)


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